Wat’er Way to Learn

13 October 2011

Last night Chelsea Kayak Club held its second water skills session at Brockwell Lido and, despite the cold water and diminishing sunlight, was a huge success.

Geoff was kind enough to not only organise these two-hour pool sessions, but to also load up the CKC trailer and bring the […]

Epic river trip

In a departure from the usual Thursday evening we thought we would take advantage of the longer evenings and stretch our range a bit further with a trip to Shadwell Basin. Six of us headed downstream at 6.30pm with a brisk tide taking us along the river. On a glorious sunny evening we passed through […]

Chelsea. Well ‘ard

Sub-zero temperatures and snow on the ground made for an interesting start to the evening. On the plus side, the snow on the ramp to the pontoon made it easy to get the boats to the water. Once on the water, paddling warmed us up a bit but no doubt about it was arctic conditions. […]

Friendly Neighbours

An unusual paddle last night, for many reasons. For a start, we had only 4 people for the later paddle, with slightly more than that showing up for the early one. Great that Geoff’s idea is working well. Mind you, already you can see the rivalry emerging between the early ones (yeah We’re definitely Chelsea […]

Paddling to Westminster on a Thursday Night – 10 Reasons Why It’s A Good Idea

1. Learning about birds (Hey, what’s that bird? A cormorant. Ah, right. And that one over there? Hmm, I’m going to go with ‘a bird’.) 2. Great company* 3. Houses of Parliament glowing pinkish-gold in the setting sun 4. Wildlife at it’s best – ringside seats to a cormorant tussling with an eel for supper. […]

Easy Like Thursday Evening

Thursday 29th April 2010

Our smallest group yet – Phil, Andy, Tim and guest Judy Armstrong, all the way from Stellenbosch, South Africa, via Southfields.

Pleasant weather and a strong ebb tide saw us go up river. The idea was to take it fairly easy but seemingly little effort saw us all the way up […]

CKC Goes East

Sunday 18th April 2010

A cracking paddle on Sunday 18th April. Taking advantage of the Centre Manager’s generous offer to use Cremorne when there are no youth groups in, we assembled at 11:30. There had been some mention of towing a boat and throwing unexpected factors into the mix, but as the Club had signed […]

Maiden Voyage

Thursday 11th March 2010

Tonight was the night – the maiden voyage, so to speak, of Chelsea Kayak Club on what will become our ‘home turf’ – padding on a flood tide, it’s from Chelsea Wharf outbound along the Thames to Westminster and the foot of the London Eye. It was also an opportunity for […]