• M40 of 2021
    M40 of 2021 - Middle Notice - Nine Elms Reach - Heathwall Pumping Station Construction Works
  • M39 of 2021
    Blackwall Reach - Blackwall Point to Trinity Buoy Wharf - Laser Beam
  • M38 of 2021
    Upper Pool - Battlebridge Buoy Reinstatement
  • M37 of 2021
    Limehouse Reach - Canary Wharf Pier Maintenance Works
  • M36 of 2021
    Upper Pool to Lambeth Reach - Dave Pope and Steve Faldo Barge Drive

Chelsea. Well ‘ard

Sub-zero temperatures and snow on the ground made for an interesting start to the evening.  On the plus side, the snow on the ramp to the pontoon made it easy to get the boats to the water.  Once on the water, paddling warmed us up a bit but no doubt about it was arctic conditions.  A fact proved by the ice that formed on the hull of the boat and the buoyancy aid as we progressed downriver.  We made it to the wheel and turned to get swept back to Cremorne with the rising tide.

Back to the Centre with the smug satisfaction of beating the elements and off to the Pub for a quick pint.


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