CKC AGM 22 Feb 2018 Agenda & Motions


Thurs 22 Feb 2018 7pm onwards

Upstairs at The Nell of Drury pub, Catherine St, WC2B 5JS. 



  1. Apologies for Absence
  2. Matters arising from the previous years minutes
  3. Chairpersons Report / Summary of the year
  4. Reports from Committee Members
  5. Presentation of CKC Accounts & appointment of auditor
  6. Review of the Club Membership fee (See below)
  7. Motions for consideration by the Members (See below)
    • Change to AGM date
    • Removal of references to Cremorne Centre
  8. Election of new Committee Members
  9. Any Other Business

After the formal close of the AGM the plan is for members to discuss trips that they would like to do and organise for the club.


Agenda item 6 – Review of Club membership fee



CKC Membership Levels

Basic  Fees  (for CKC members who don’t need to borrow CKC kit)           remain £35 / £37+


The Motion the AGM needs to vote on is for:

Full Fees  change from being £85 / £87+   to      £95/ £97+    when paid between 1st April to 31st August.

  • An early-bird discount of £5 applies if full-fee member joins before 1stApril (so the fees are £90/£92+)
  • The Late-comer full fee membership starts on 31stAugust when the fees for the remainder of the membership year are: £60/£65+
  • + indicates a £2 charge for non-BCU members.


Agenda item 7   Change to the constitution

VOTE 1A & 1B) To change the AGM date – clause 12 in the Constitution:




  1. The Annual General Meeting (AGM) shall be held in the winter October or November of each year.


  1. There shall be laid before the meeting a statement of accounts made up to the 31st day of the month of January immediately preceding.


VOTE 2) to remove references to Cremorne Centre – clause 11 in the Constitution



  • Boats and equipment owned by Cremorne Riverside Centre (“the Centre”) may be used during weekly Club Sessions but may not be used for other purposes without specific permission obtained from the Club Committee via the Centre


11.2 1   Damage to Centre or Club boats and equipment must be reported immediately to the Kit Officer.


The numbering in section 11.


11.6  5     Club Members will be liable for any damage or loss to Centre or Club boats and equipment which the Club Committee considers has been caused by negligence on the part of the user.

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