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    1 2 3 4* Happy New Year Downstrm Kayak at 11:10 am
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13 14 15 16 17 18 19* SEEzE Langstone Habour - Liza all day
20 21* CKC Committee meeting at 7:00 pm
22 23* Thursday Evening Paddle at 7:00 pm
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  • M20 of 2020
    Chelsea Reach - Albert Bridge - Arch Control.
  • M19 of 2020
    Kings & Lambeth Reach - Illuminated River Foundation Part 1 - Arch Closures
  • M18 of 2020
    Woolwich Reach - Barrier Gardens Pier - Piling Operations
  • M17 of 2020
    Bugsby's Reach - Silvertown Tunnel - Borehole Operations
  • M15 of 2020
    Kings Reach - London Bridge Maintenance - Scaffolding Number 3 Arch

Club Documents

The following Club Documents are available for download: Key Documents & Guidance Notes

Key Documents

  • CKC Operating and Safety Procedures update04 June 2020this document is one everyone needs to read. How the club works, what you need to do for a Thames Session or a trip further afield.
  • Club Incident Reporting ProceduresOccasionally things go wrong. This document explains how to record the little mishaps and near misses to help prevent a bigger problem. It also explains what to do if something goes badly wrong.
  • Club Constitution – this document details the Constitution and Rules of the Club as agreed by the general committee in February 2010, and updates agreed subsequently. The Club Constitution and Rules were devised using the BCU ‘Model Club Constitution’ as its foundation.
  • Club Risk Assessment – Kayaking is an inherent risk sport. You are always responsible for your own safety and for protecting the safety of others. This document, updated at least annually, records all the risks faced and what we have done to manage them.
  • Club Thames Leader Rulesthis documents how to become a Thames Leader & what is expected of our Thames leaders.
  • Club Non-Thames Rulesthis document’s how trips away from the Thames are organised and led. This includes Peer Paddles, where everyone takes responsibility for themselves.
  • Draft v2 CKC_Covid19_Method_Statement_June 2020 submitted and approved by BBA for safely accessing Kew Bridge Arches during Covid

Guidance Notes

  • Club Code of Conduct – this document sets out how members of the Club are expected to conduct themselves – on and off the water.  The document has been devised using the BC Code of Conduct template as its foundation.
  • Club Equality Policy – this document sets out the Club’s commitment to the principles of equality of opportunity.  The policy has been devised using the BCU Equality Policy as its foundation.
  • CKC Privacy Policy – this document sets out the Club’s commitment to GDPR, what data we hold, why, and how it is protected.
  • Summary Guidance for CKC Website Users – this document sets out some summary guidance for members using aspects of the website (e.g. blogs, calendar, CKC Forum, etc).
  • Back Fit Guide – the full CKC best practice guideline document on lifting and moving kayaks. Based on Canoe England and Health and Safety Executive Standards, (see the references at the end of the guidelines for full details). Version 1, December 2011.
  • CKC Guide to the Thames Rowing Zones – user friendly maps of where you need to be depending on tides and direction of travel when paddling in the tidal Thames rowing zones.
  • Style Guide – Feb 2020. This note sets out how to write for our website.


Committee Meetings Recent Minutes of Committee meetings will appear here as and when they become available: