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  • M20 of 2020
    Chelsea Reach - Albert Bridge - Arch Control.
  • M19 of 2020
    Kings & Lambeth Reach - Illuminated River Foundation Part 1 - Arch Closures
  • M18 of 2020
    Woolwich Reach - Barrier Gardens Pier - Piling Operations
  • M17 of 2020
    Bugsby's Reach - Silvertown Tunnel - Borehole Operations
  • M15 of 2020
    Kings Reach - London Bridge Maintenance - Scaffolding Number 3 Arch

Paddling Taster

On a perfect summers day in London, Phil and Jacqui took a group of 6 (mostly beginner) girls out on Wimbledon Park Lake to teach us how to paddle!

We had all listened to Jacqui tell us how much fun it was for so long that we thought we’d better see for ourselves! After a fair amount of giggling we managed to get onto the lake in our kayaks in the correct fashion without getting too wet!

Phil taught us the basics (forward, turning, stopping), then some less basics (backwards, sideways), then for the adventurous few, the scary bits (capsizing)!

We finished off with a game of kayak British Bulldog (remember that game from school?) which was great fun but drew a fair bit of attention from those enjoying a peaceful day by the lake!!!

All in all, a great way to spend the day!   Thanks Phil and Jacqui!

Jo (a paddling) newbie!)

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