• M40 of 2021
    M40 of 2021 - Middle Notice - Nine Elms Reach - Heathwall Pumping Station Construction Works
  • M39 of 2021
    Blackwall Reach - Blackwall Point to Trinity Buoy Wharf - Laser Beam
  • M38 of 2021
    Upper Pool - Battlebridge Buoy Reinstatement
  • M37 of 2021
    Limehouse Reach - Canary Wharf Pier Maintenance Works
  • M36 of 2021
    Upper Pool to Lambeth Reach - Dave Pope and Steve Faldo Barge Drive

An Inspiration To Us All

Some of Cremorne’s Over 60’s Kayak Group, took part last weekend in the London Kayakathon.  With a combined age of 136 years, and only 2 years paddling experience, “The Chelsea Coffin Dodgers” paddled 26.2 miles in a double sea kayak and raised over £1000 for charity. Moya and Daisy –  you show us how sea kayaking can truly be open to all and be a lifelong passion.

Chelsea Kayak Club congratulates you!

Andy McM

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