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    Filming Operations - Greenwich Reach to Lower Pool
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    M50 of 2021 - Kings Reach - Closure of No. 2 Arch Blackfriars Bridge - Blackfriars Refurbishment Project
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Upcoming Course Dates

Sunday 20th FebruarySurf Kayak CourseJan is organising.
Date to be confirmed.
Saturday 19th March – Sunday 20th MarchBC Sea Kayak AwardRich H is organising
via SE Kayaking.
Saturday 26th MarchFSRT (Phoenix)Not organised by CKC.
Saturday 2nd April – Sunday 3rd AprilBC Paddle Explore
Saturday 9th AprilBC Paddle Discover
Saturday 23rd AprilTaster
Sunday 24th AprilTaster
Saturday 7th MayBC Paddle Discover
Sunday 8th MayFSRT (CKC Exclusive)To Be Confirmed
Saturday 21st MayFSRT (Phoenix)Not organised by CKC.
Saturday 4th June and/or Sunday 5th JuneRescue Day
Late June / Early JulyRescue Session (Pool)
Saturday 13th August – Sunday 14th AugustBC Paddle Explore
Saturday 3rd SeptemberTaster SessionTo Be Confirmed
Sunday 4th SeptemberTaster Session (TideFest)
Saturday 10th SeptemberFSRT (Phoenix)Not organised by CKC.
Saturday 17th SeptemberBC Paddle Discover
OctoberBC Paddle Discover


Please be aware that the club is only open to adults, and children are not allowed to attend any of our training courses. Courses provided by British Canoeing (BC) usually have the option to gain a certificate upon successful completion for a small fee (around £6).

The FSRT (Foundation Safety & Rescue Training) courses that are listed above are offered by Phoenix Outdoor Centre & Canoe Club, who are based in North West London. More details can be found on their website.

Pool Sessions
Want to practice some specific skills that require a fair bit of time in the water, such as rescues? If you don’t fancy doing this outside in the cold, perhaps a pool session would suit you best. Battersea Canoe Club run pool sessions regularly at Clapham Leisure Centre – find out more by clicking here.


Taster Session

Who: Anyone with the ability to swim. No prior experience needed.
Where: Kew Bridge (W4 3NG)
When: April-September
Duration: 2 hours.
Cost: £20

Fancy trying kayaking for the first time? Come along to one of our taster days, we’ll guide you through the basics and give you some time on the water, supervised by one of our Thames Leaders. You don’t need any prior experience and all kit is provided.


BC Paddle Discover (Beginner’s Course)

Who: Anyone with the ability to swim. No prior experience needed, though some would help.
Where: Shepperton Lock (TW17 9LJ)
When: April-October
Duration: One day.
Cost: £95, which includes your membership fee for the year. It’s free if you’re already a member and have not done one before.

If you’ve been kayaking once or twice and have a basic understanding, the Discover course will teach you the skills you need to paddle safely as part of the club. You’ll learn how to paddle forwards, backwards and even sideways in a safe and efficient manner. This is a full day course and you’ll go on short journey around Desborough Island, stopping for lunch along the way and having a chat about the theory and how the club operates along the way. Towards the end of the day, your coach will guide you through how to capsize and exit your boat safely, under their close supervision.


BC Paddle Explore

Who: Anyone at the Discover/old 1 star level. The ability to swim is essential.
Where: Can vary, but likely Folkestone Harbour (definitely somewhere on the coast).
When: April-September
Duration: Two days, over one weekend.
Cost: Can vary, based on group size but likely £60-£100.

Following a Discover course, you’ll want to get some time on the water to consolidate your skills and practice what you’ve learned. Once you’ve been paddling for a while and have a good understanding of how to paddle your kayak effectively you’ll want to progress a little further. The Explore covers similar content to the Discover but in a different environment (out on the sea) and you’ll go a bit more in depth with the rescue side of things.


BC Sea Kayak Award

Who: Anyone at the Explore/old 2 star level. The ability to swim is essential.
Where: Can vary, but likely Folkestone Harbour (definitely somewhere on the coast).
When: Year Round
Duration: Two days, over one weekend.
Cost: Can vary, based on group size but likely £60-£100.

Once you have been paddling for quite a while, you’re confident in your ability and have a fair bit of experience out on the water, you may want to progress further. The Sea Kayak award will give you the skills to look after yourself and help out others when things get interesting. This course will be based on the sea and (weather dependant) you’ll get to experience some small waves and learn some skills to help you deal with the more choppy side of the water.


Rescue Day

Who: Anyone at the Discover/old 1 star level. The ability to swim is essential.
Where: Can vary, but likely on the Thames near Richmond.
When: The warmer months.
Duration: One day.
Cost: Free to club members.

This is not an official course and you won’t receive any certificate or qualification for it. It’s a chance for anyone in the club who wants to brush up on their rescue skills or to learn something new to come along and do so in a fun and informal environment. As a minimum, you’ll be accompanied by one of the club’s Thames Leaders, though there will likely be a coach there to supervise and give some more in depth feedback and training.


Other courses for your consideration.

If you’re interested in progressing your paddling beyond the courses listed above, which the club tend to organise on a regular basis, then take a look at the ones listed below. If you are interested in doing one of these other courses, let our training officer know as we may organise one exclusively for our club if there’s enough interest amongst our members. Alternatively, you can search for a course yourself – if so, we recommend joining the Facebook group ‘Outdoor Courses and Qualifications’ which is a great way to find providers and upcoming courses around the UK.

BC FSRT (Foundation Safety & Rescue Training)
The point: Learn a variety of rescue skills on flat water to look after yourself and others.

BC Coastal Navigation and Tidal Planning
The point: Learn the skills to be able to plan and navigate safely while out at sea.

RYA VHF Marine Radio Course
The point: Learn the correct procedure for operating a VHF radio, which is essential for many trips out on the sea.

Smash & Bask Kayak Repair Workshop
The point: Learn how to repair your own kayak.

First Aid
The point: Learn how to look after others in the event that someone is injured.
We recommend a two day course, specifically focused on the outdoor environment.
REC are a good organisation and have many providers around the country.

Rescue 3 WRT Pro (Whitewater Rescue Technician)
The point: Not really applicable to sea kayaking, but if you also regularly paddle other disciplines, it’s an incredible course and you will learn a lot of in-depth rescue techniques for use on moving water.