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Thursday 1st April 2010

This morning the ‘club clown’ sent out a rather plausible April Fool’s email to everyone letting us all know that “for circumstances out of our control” we’d no longer be able to paddle in sea kayaks with the Club as planned – and that for the privilege we wouldn’t even get our membership fees back.

In fairness – most people fell for this obvious rouse, hook, line and sinker – without noting the time and date of the email – especially as it came just days after we received our rubber stamp seal of approval.

Our Chair has since sent a message to all, to quash any fears and point out that the reason it hit home for so many of us was that we really, really care about Chelsea Kayak Club, the opportunities it offers us and the sense of camaraderie and drive we share.

So onwards and outwards as we head into an Easter weekend full of paddling on the Thames tideway…

John M

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