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  • M19 of 2021
    Kings Reach - HQS Wellington - Relocation Operations.
  • M18 of 2021
    Limehouse Reach - Disused Millwall Dock Entrance - Boom Removal
  • M17 of 2021
    Woolwich Reach - Woolwich Ferry Piers - Fender Replacement Works
  • M16 of 2021
    Kings Reach - Cannon Street Rail Bridge - Arch Closures
  • M15 of 2021
    Wandsworth Reach - Wandsworth Bridge Scaffolding

CKC buys a canoe …. sssshhhhh…..

Ok so we are mostly a kayak club.  Chelsea Kayak Club.  And we are mostly a sea kayak club.  Chelsea Kayak Club. Does what it says on the tin, innit.

But we do say we are London’s only paddlesport club devoted to sea kayaking and touring. And of course touring is rather nice in an open canoe.  And you have to do a bit of work on your single blade boating skills if you want to get your BCU 2 star.  And it’s helpful to have a canoe to point at when you need to explain the difference between kayaking and canoeing to people who thought they were going canoeing but are now being told they are going kayaking.

Of course the above reasons were all ex post facto justifications when John Mayne, ever a man with his eyes on the prize and his finger on the pulse, got first refusal on a brand new Old Town Penobscot 164.

Out of the blue John came across a charity auction that contained a pretty large canoe, so he made a tentative offer, swiftly got the backing of a majority of the committee, ensured we had enough money in the tin and got me access so I could collect it and bring it to Cremorne.

So anyway, now we have a canoe.

All we need now is a couple of paddles.  And someone willing to try it out on the water.


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2 comments to CKC buys a canoe …. sssshhhhh…..

  • judes

    I’ll happily try it out on the river – once you get the hang of open boating it can be fun (Ssshh, I didn’t say that!) – but I will need a paddle with which to do so 🙂

  • Keith

    I have a paddle or two, even a poling pole, now that is fun to play with so we should get it on the water!

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