Upcoming Events

  • M17 of 2020
    Bugsby's Reach - Silvertown Tunnel - Borehole Operations
  • M16 of 2020
    Kings Reach - Waterloo Bridge - Arch Closures
  • M15 of 2020
    Kings Reach - London Bridge Maintenance - Scaffolding Number 3 Arch
  • M14 of 2020
    M14 of 2020 - Lambeth Reach - Savoy Pier - Removal Works
  • M13 of 2020
    Limehouse Reach - Duke Shore Wharf - Temporary Works Removal

Use of Club Kit

The Club has been very fortunate to have the majority of boats and equipment provided by Sport England and Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea grants, which took many hours of voluntary time by Club members to prepare.  It is therefore important to remember that we are all responsible for taking care of any kit we use – treat it as if it were your own!

All core equipment (Sea Kayaks, Touring Paddles, Buoyancy Aids, Cags, Spray Decks and Helmets) and safety equipment (VHF Radio, Towline, First Aid Kit, CKC Diffusers and spare batteries, Safety Bag, Bilge Pump, Boat Report Kit, and Deck Compasses) is stored at Brentford Boating Arch (BBA).



  • Equipment is available for CKC members use only.
  • It is the responsibility of all members borrowing Club kit to check that it is fit for purpose for the intended activities.  If individuals are in any doubt they should raise any issues with the Kit Officer or trip leader.
  • Any loss or damage deemed to be caused through misuse or neglect must be made good by the user.
  • Use of the equipment is done so at the users own risk.


  • Full Members have use of Club kit free of charge when on Club organised trips and training courses which are viewed as beneficial to the Club.
  • Basic Members can borrow Club kit in return for paying a usage donation (see current suggested donations below).
  • Trip leaders are responsible for checking Club safety kit before leaving on the trip and reporting any issues or concerns directly to the Kit Officer as soon as possible.
  • Trip leaders should provide briefings on use of kit when on Club organised trips (e.g. use of skegs and hatch covers) and make participants aware of any particular issues which might impact on the kit (e.g. skegs should be up during launches and landings).


  • Subject to the Club’s discretion and access, other Club activities, and agreement with the Kit Officer, Club kit is available to borrow by members for personal use in return for paying a usage donation (see current suggested donations below).
  • Transportation, collection and return of is the responsibility of user.
  • Individuals are fully liable when paddling on personal trips and are not covered by the Club’s insurances and are advised to become individual members of the British Canoe Union.
  • Individuals will be personally responsible for any Club kit borrowed, to ensure items are fit for purpose and are expected to repair or replace these items if lost or damaged.
  • The Club will not be responsible for any incidents which occur when Club kit is used for personal use.
  • All money donated goes into the Club to maintain and purchase more kit for the Club.


  • Equipment must be returned and secured at BBA after use.
  • Equipment must be returned cleaned and ready for use.
  • Salt water can potentially decrease the lifespan of kit. Therefore please ensure that after using any kit on the sea it is thoroughly rinsed in fresh water (including paddles and boats).
  • Please ensure that skeg sliders are working.
  • On returning Club kit the trip leader or individual is responsible for informing the Kit Officer of any issues or loss or damage to kit.

A copy of the kit-loan policy can be found here.


Current kayak usage donations for Basic Members and personal use by any CKC member (including paddle, cag, BA, spraydeck, and helmet if required) are:

  • Thames Session / Trips Per day: £10
  • Trips Per week: £50