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Xmas paddle – Sat 11 Dec 2021

If you are running late or for other changes please email the session leader at least an hour before, if possible.

WHERE: Brentford Boating Arch, Kew Bridge: https://www.chelseakayakclub.co.uk/about-the-club/club-locations/

WHEN: Sat 11 Dec 2021. Meeting time 3.15pm Paddle/on-water-time 3.45pm.

Bring things to decorate the kayak or yourself with, plus LIGHTS, and a Christmassy snacks & a warm drink, As well as your paddling kit, plus warm hat, warm coat/wind-proof. We will paddle downstream to Mortlake/Barnes possibly slightly against the flow. We will stop on a beach to have some mince pies & other Christmassy nibbles. Then come back on incoming tide. Back at the Arches ~5.30/6pm.  After boats have been put away – we can continue socialising in Arch 1 (we will put the heaters on!). 

Kew Bridge: LW ~4pm GMT & HW 8.20pm – see  Admiralty Easy tide for further details if required.    Sunset ~3.51pm

Grade: A

Session Leader:  Fiona, David P., Liza 

  • Members only trip 
  • *Strongly encouraged to wear a Santa hat, sing carols and decorate your kayak. Bring Christmassy nibbles/drinks. (A little tip – if you want warm nibbles – pop food onto top of a hot-water bottle inside an insulated cool/warm bag – spaced away from the bottom of the kayak)

Please arrive at The Arches closest to the river, on the North East side of Kew Bridge. Please arrive on time, since only one group can access The Arches at a time to enable social distancing to be maintained. Also this ensures that all have boats and kit ready so we can be on the water at the scheduled start time.

If you are running late or for other changes please text the session leader at least an hour before, if possible.

WHERE: Brentford Boating Arch, Kew Bridge: https://www.chelseakayakclub.co.uk/about-the-club/club-locations/

COVID-19 Special Protocols

Please read the COVID-19 Special Protocols for Safe Paddling with CKC found on Club Documents page.

By signing up for this paddle – I agree and confirm that:

1. I have read, understood, and agree to comply with the Club’s Covid-19 Risk Assessment and any Club guidance, communications, or policies related to Covid-19.

2. I have sought answers to any and all questions I have regarding the Club’s position from the relevant Club officials.

3. I confirm that I have not displayed any Covid-19 symptoms or to the best of my knowledge been in close contact with someone who has displayed symptoms in the last 21 days. (If I develop symptoms within 14-days of paddling on this session I commit to let the leader know. They will inform the rest of the group, without reference to your name.)

4. I understand that by attending the Club and partaking in Club activities I may be subject to an increased risk of exposure to Covid-19 and that by taking part in such activities I am accepting this increased risk.

Also be aware of and be informed of the following documents/ guidance: – the Trip and Session Guidelines « Chelsea Kayak Club – found under the Training and Trips Tab.


Please sign-up by 16:00 on Fri 10 Dec 2020, if you would like a place and will require use of boats and equipment.

Max number of people: 18 plus double kayak (if you want to paddle the double – pls put ‘dk’ after your name)

The event have ended - no more registrations are allowed.

Total Attendees: 12

# Name
1. Charlie Temple
2. Gareth Anderson
3. Gilly
4. Jimmy Saul
5. Jo Fox
6. John R (own boat)
7. Jude
8. Mary H
9. Mike M
10. Tim B
11. Tudor
12. Will T


  • These sessions are not suitable for people with no or limited paddling experience you must meet our minimum prerequisites please refer to Trip and Session Guidelines.

  • Please make sure you read the Port of London Authority’s (PLA’s) Paddling on the Tideway – A Code of Practice for Paddling on the Tidal Thames 2017 You may also refer to Upper Tideway Navigation Rules .   See also The River Thames Recreational Users Guide – Teddington to Sea Reach  and  the  PLA Boating on the Thames page for further information.

  • LIGHTS ARE REQUIRED WHEN PADDLING AFTER DARK.  Please bring along your own waterproof torches if you have them. Use of club torches is possible, but a donation to the club will be required to club funds for batteries and ongoing replacement.

  • Follow any specific instructions that are given by the session leader, such as getting on the water and group management.

  • Neoprene spray decks and BA/PFD’s are available.

  • Please look after any kit that is borrowed – treat it with care and as if it is your own.

  • Consider bringing a snack & bottle of water with you – especially in periods of warmer weather given the distances that are covered on the session.

  • Even when in a group with an experienced paddler, everyone on the river is responsible for their own safety, keeping a look out and navigating in a correct manner to avoid collisions or causing a collision, etc.

  • Failure to comply with PLA rules can result in you being fined £5,000.