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COVID-19: Special Protocols for Safe Paddling with CKC
(updated March 2021 – as per the Government Guidance, British Canoeing Guidance, and Sport England Guidance to follow the Road Map of  easing of lock down restrictions)

Copy of Covid-19 Guidance for paddling safely in England Mar 2021 (britishcanoeing.org.uk)

From 29th March 2021:

Organised Club arranged trips and sessions. ARE RESTARTING!

COVID secure structured and organised outdoor activity can occur provided that appropriate steps are taken to make it COVID secure. – see below. Notice of these sessions will be emailed to Club members and the sign up page will be available on the website.

Even though the guidance for these sessions is now possible for an unlimited number of participants, Individual Thames Leaders will identify the maximum number of participants they are willing to take out at any one time. This will be evident on the sign up page.

Please see the Calendar, Training & Trips page for the specific details of what you need to bring and the COVID-19 specific logistics for each paddling trip.

Club Risk Assessment, Club Operating Procedures and a Method Statement have also been updated & can be found on Club documents page.


The following are the COVID secure protocols in order to continue to keep us all safe -please read, know and follow:

  1. You must NOT join in with any paddling trip if you had any symptoms of respiratory illness , fever (or other symptoms listed by the NHS guidance that could relate to a COVID-19 infection) within the previous 21 days.  You must NOT join in with any paddling trip if any member of your household has any of these symptoms currently or within the preceding 14 days (you should be in a quarantine period for 14 days).
  2. Hand hygiene measures continue to be very important and hand sanitiser will need to be brought and used before and after each trip.
  3. Please arrive at the designated time and leave quickly at end of session to avoid groups of people collecting in confined spaces in front of the arches.
  4. During the session the sharing of clothes, equipment must not occur or if impossible, must be kept to an absolute minimum. Please try to arrive wearing what you will paddle in, including your own windproof/cagoule/anorak (as changing rooms are out of use and all time indoors must be minimised). It will be fine to wear something that is windproof more than water proof whilst it is summer. For example a walking waterproof or shell jacket will be fine. Bring with you a dry bag with a change of clothes and space to keep your valuables as Arch 1 and lockers are not being used. Bring a snack if likely to be eaten and always bring your own water bottle for refreshment.  Bring you own set of Lights for your kayak if likely to be paddling in the dark/dusk.
  5. The Thames Leader will operate a buddy up system of pairs for indoor areas inside the arches – only two people at any one time should be in this space at any one time. Physical / social distancing guidance applies at all times.
  6. A rota of equipment use will be set up for using A and B sets alternating. Updating of the wipe board in Arch 2 will indicate which set of kit was used on which date. You must only take equipment from the set you are assigned (by the Thames Lead)  on that day.
  7. The kayaks will be taken from the arch 2 to the foreshore to be set up with there with what you need. Take everything you need with you all at once.  Please do not return to the arch again.
  8. The Thames Lead will not get on the water until a briefing has occurred. To ensure all participants follow the guidance and are ‘ fit ‘ to paddle in the conditions of the day. He/ she has the right to exclude participants if they feel it unsafe for them to get on the water.
  9. Thames Leads and participants must ensure that they are paddling in conditions which are within their paddling capability to minimise rescues occurring. Activities and games only can occur only within the paddlers capability.
  10. Rescues. Ideally trips will be held when the tide allows and there is foreshore to assist rescues to occur within social distance guidance. If a rescue is needed, paddlers should attempt to do a self rescue otherwise the swimmer needs to be towed to a beach. Socially distant assisted rescues are not possible.
  11. Please let the Thames Lead know if there is any health issues he / she should know about and if you are in the considered in an at risk group for COVID infection – obviously if preferred this can be done discreetly / privately.
  12. Disinfecting equipment every session/ use. Buckets and detergent with paper clothes will be available for boats and paddles and any other equipment used so they are thoroughly washed down after each paddle.
  13. The Thames Lead /CKC  will have a record of all participants on each session if track and trace needs to occur.
  14. Changing facilities and toilet facilities: There will be NO access to the changing rooms and kitchen (in Arch 1) and time indoors has to be minimised. We will be allowed to use a dedicated CKC loo in Arch 1, provided you clean them before and after each use; and we will be responsible for cleaning them at the end of each session.

Raising Concerns

CKC is as part of British Canoeing (BC) and has a responsibility to ensure compliance with this guidance.

If anyone wishes to raise a concern about how the Club is operating within this guidance, please raise and issues with the Thames Leader. If further follow-up is required, complete the incident report form on the British Canoeing website so that it can be investigated accordingly.   Incident Reporting Online Form (britishcanoeing.org.uk)