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Weekend Thames Session

No Tide – Sun 23 Sept 2018 – taster paddle – Paddle Kew to Richmond – £10 guest charge for non-members

WHERE: Brentford Boating Arch, Kew road Bridge, (near Kew Bridge station)

WHEN: Sun 23 Sept 2018, meet
– 10am BST
(to be on water 10.30am and we will be finished by 1pm) – This session is now full

–  1.30pm  (to be on the Water 2pm and we will be finished by 4.30pm) OR

5pm (to be on the water 5.30pm & we will be finished by 8pm)

no LW or HW – just fluvial flow until a low tide ~23.00

Session leader: Fiona (O7957 18090l) & Philippa


Please sign-up if you would like a place and state which timeslot you would like to paddle.

If you haven’t paddled with the leader before please include your mobile number.

Instructions: In the first box write your name & the time slot you want to paddle. In the next box below write your mobile number. If the session you want to paddle already has 8 names, please email and if we can find more leaders then we can allow a larger group size.

Max number of paddlers = 8 per session

Name is mandatory

Mobile or land-line

Fields marked with a '*' are mandatory

Total Attendees: 12
# Name Phone
1. Philippa 10am slot
2. Marilyn - 2pm slot 07791580915
3. Dominique - assume duplicate entry 07921927483
4. Dominique 10am 07921927483
5. Philippe 10am &2pm if needed 07801419017
6. Brigid 2pm slot 07720 287977
7. Bernadette - assume 10am 07974762961
8. Kieron 10am 07512057355
9. Kieron +1 10am 07512057355
10. Carol 10am slot 07841377539
11. Nav 10am 07725125140
12. Susan Brundage - 2pm 07731504190


  • Please arrive at the Centre 30 minutes before the scheduled “on-water” start time. This ensures that all have boats and kit ready so we can be on the water at the scheduled start time. If you are running late or for later changes please text the session leader at least an hour before if possible
  • This session is suitable for people with no or limited paddling experience, however you must be able to swim.
  • Please be aware kayaking is a sport with inherent risk
  • Non- CKC paddlers need to sign a guest form.
  • Follow any specific instructions that are given by the session leader, such as getting on the water and group management.
  • Neoprene spray decks are available, but will only be worn if a paddler has practised a capsize before.
  • Please look after any kit that is borrowed – treat it as if it is your own.
  • Consider bringing a bottle of water with you. Please also bring a snack.
  • Please bring clothes, hat, waterproof trousers, shoes and a cagoule/waterproof that you are happy to get wet
  • Even when in a group with an experienced paddler, everyone on the river is responsible for their own safety, keeping a look out and navigating in a correct manner to avoid collisions or causing a collision, etc.
  • Failure to comply with PLA rules can result in you being fined £5,000.
  • The following are our usual rules for paddling on the Thames when it is tidal for the remaining 364 days a year: