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    Reporting Vessels - Permission to Proceed
  • M5 of 2020
    Upper Pool - Battle Bridge Buoy - Re-Instatement
  • M4 of 2020
    Nine Elms Reach - Victoria Rail Bridge - Isophase Lights
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    Upper Pool - The Tower of London - 2020 Gun Salutes
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    Lower Pool - Wapping Police Station - Preparatory Works

Thursday Evening Thames Session

Kew Bridge Thames Session  20th Feb 2020 *** CANCELLED***

Due to multiple PLA red flags this week, more rain and the timing of the ebb, this week’s Thursday evening session is cancelled.

Please contact the Session Leader if you need more information.


WHEN: Thursday 20th Feb 2020  ***CANCELLED***

Kew Bridge:   HW 12.28  LW 20.48 GMT  – see  Admiralty Easy tide for further details if required.

Session Leader:  DAVID  O7979 5375l9 


If you intend to come and bring your own boat please can you either let the session leader know, or send an email to: info@chelseakayakclub.co.uk.

Please sign-up by 16:30 (at the latest, or contact Session Leader) on the day of paddling, if you would like a place and will require use of boats and equipment.

Check the forecast, bring lights and something warm to wear (layers work best). Please also bring a snack & water.

Max number of people: 6

The event have ended - no more registrations are allowed.

Total Attendees: 3

# Name
1. John R
2. Karen
3. Mike M


  • These sessions are not suitable for people with no or limited paddling experience you must meet our minimum prerequisites please refer to Trip and Session Guidelines.

  • Please make sure you read the Port of London Authority’s (PLA’s) Paddling on the Tideway – A Code of Practice for Paddling on the Tidal Thames 2017 You may also refer to Upper Tideway Navigation Rules .   See also The River Thames Recreational Users Guide – Teddington to Sea Reach  and  the  PLA Boating on the Thames page for further information.  

  • LIGHTS ARE REQUIRED WHEN PADDLING AFTER DARK.  Please bring along your own waterproof torches if you have them. Use of club torches is possible, but a donation to the club will be required to club funds for batteries and ongoing replacement.

  • Follow any specific instructions that are given by the session leader, such as getting on the water and group management.

  • Neoprene spray decks, PFD’s and cags are available.

  • Please look after any kit that is borrowed – treat it with care and as if it is your own.

  • Consider bringing a snack & bottle of water with you – especially in periods of warmer weather given the distances that are covered on the session.

  • Even when in a group with an experienced paddler, everyone on the river is responsible for their own safety, keeping a look out and navigating in a correct manner to avoid collisions or causing a collision, etc.

  • Failure to comply with PLA rules can result in you being fined £5,000.