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Thames Taster 2020

What: Thames Sea Kayak Taster Day – Saturday 24 Oct 2020 AFTERNOON

Why: We’re running some taster sessions for newcomers to get a taste for kayaking on the River Thames & meet a friendly club.

Where: Brentford Boating Arch, Kew Bridge (North-East side of the road bridge) W4 3NG (near Kew Bridge rail station)
Club Location

When: Sat 24 October 2020 AFTERNOON

Cost: £15/person

If the session you are interested in is full, please email info@chelseakayakclub.co.uk so we can let you know when we will run more taster sessions.

We are a membership club and the sessions are run by experienced members/volunteers.

Taster sessions are only for those over 18 years old.


  • Please be aware kayaking is a sport with inherent risk.
  • All paddlers must be able to swim 50 meters.
  • Please arrive on time, wearing the clothes & shoes you plan to wear in the kayak. Wear clothes & shoes you are happy will get wet/muddy. (There will be no space at the Arches to change before getting on the water.)
    • Shoes – trainers/watershoes/wetsuit shoes that protect your feet from beach gravel/litter & mud. Footwear is essential.
    • Clothes – Chose clothes which will dry quickly e.g. walking-style trousers, leggings, and fleece-type jumper. (NO cotton clothes or jeans they will keep you cold).
    • Bring a waterproof bag/box to keep your valuables dry when kayaking.
    • Bring a waterproof coat, rain hat or warm hat to wear in the kayak.
    • If you have waterproof trousers please bring them to wear too (in case there is rain).
    • If you wear glasses bring string/strap to keep them & not drop them.
    • Any medication you may need.
  • Bring a bottle of water & snack to take with you when kayaking.
  • Please bring a change of clothes and towel in case you get wet that you can put on after the session.
  • We will ask you in advance of the session to advise CKC of any medical conditions you may have, also your “in Case of Emergency” (ICE) contact details.
  • Follow any specific instructions that are given by the session leader, such as getting on the water and group management. We will be aiming to keep 2m apart, not congregate on the small concrete area East of the Arches and will not go indoors (unless to pick up kit). Please bring hand sanitiser that you will use before & after using CKC club kit.
  • Please look after any kit that is borrowed – treat it as if it is your own.
  • Even when in a group with an experienced paddler, everyone on the river is responsible for their own safety, keeping a look out and navigating in a correct manner to avoid collisions or causing a collision, etc.
  • Failure to comply with Port of London Authority rules can result in you being fined £5,000.
  • If you find you are no longer able to come to your session – please email info@chelseakayakclub.co.uk  so we can release your place.
  • GDPR & Data Protection Consent: By joining the taster session, you consent to the Club retaining and using your personal data for the purposes of Club administration, Club promotion and for communicating with you about relevant Club activities. You consent to sharing of relevant information with other Club members for the purposes of coordinating Club activities. Please see CKC Privacy policy.
  • Rules for paddling on the Thames:

If interested read the Port of London Authority’s (PLA’s) Paddling on the Tideway – A Code of Practice for Paddling on the Tidal Thames 2017. You may also refer to The River Thames Recreational Users Guide – Teddington to Sea Reach for further information. See also CKC Guide to the Thames Rowing Zones.

By signing up for this paddle – I agree and confirm that:

  1. I agree to comply with the CKC’s leaders’  guidance, communications, or policies related to Covid-19.
  2. I have and will seek answers to any and all questions I have regarding the Club’s position. (relevant documents which guide club operations are Club Risk Assessment and Operating Procedures which can be found on Club Documents page.)
  3. I confirm that I have not displayed any Covid-19 symptoms or to the best of my knowledge been in close contact with someone who has displayed symptoms in the last 21 days. (If I develop symptoms within 14-days of paddling on this session I commit to must let the leader know. They will inform the rest of the group, without reference to your name.)
  4. I confirm that I will adhere to Government and Public Health England guidelines whilst attending CKC activities.
  5. I understand that by participating in Club activities I may be subject to an increased risk of exposure to Covid-19 and that by taking part in such activities I am accepting this increased risk.

Sign Up:

Please sign-up if you would like a place. To sign up add your name, valid phone number & email, click on Register, then the webpage should re-load showing just your name. Then pay asap to keep your place. If you fail to pay, your name will be removed, to enable another person to have that space. Phone numbers are asked for in case we need to contact you on the day (e.g. if weather/conditions become unsafe), otherwise we will communicate with your by email.

Each session will be run by two experienced paddlers and there are 4 spaces for those new to kayaking.

To confirm your place please pay £15 per person within 24hours of booking via bank transfer. CKC acc details are on our membership webpage – see here.

Sat 24th Oct:

Information: High Water ~8.45am & Low Water ~4pm

Leaders: Fiona & Philippe

1.45pm – 3.45pm 

Maximum number of attendees reached - registrations are closed. Total Attendees: 4
# Name
1. Lisa Grayston
2. John Masefield
3. Timothy Baard
4. Ingo Wickenhauser

Group B

Maximum number of attendees reached - registrations are closed. Total Attendees: 4
# Name
1. Elaine Barnwell
2. Marc Moderegger
3. Henry Hogan
4. David Mann


Maximum number of attendees reached - registrations are closed. Total Attendees: 4
# Name
1. Meeline Li Kim Khiook
2. Ketvi Roopnarain
4. Caroline Canneson

Group B

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Total Attendees: 2
# Name
1. Athena Scaperdas
2. Catherine Caamano