• M2 of 2021
    Kings Reach - Waterloo Bridge Arch Closures & Local Traffic Control
  • M1 of 2021
    Upper Pool - Tower Bridge - Abseiling Operations - No.1 Arch
  • M64 of 2020
    Kings Reach - Cannon Street Rail Bridge - Arch Closures
  • M62 of 2020
    Wandsworth Reach - Wandsworth Bridge Scaffolding
  • M61 of 2020
    Battersea Reach - Battersea Road Bridge - Arch Closures


COVID-19: Special Protocols for Safe Paddling with CKC

Now that government restrictions have eased and our governing authority, British Canoeing, have also updated their guidance, we are able to get small groups of kayakers back on the water.

We are planning to re-start kayaking on the Thames shortly.

To do that we need to put in place some new protocols to continue to keep us all safe.

The principle of our new protocols is to minimise spread and prevent infection. The new protocols are summarised as follows:

  1. You must NOT join in with any paddling trip if you had any symptoms of respiratory illness (or other symptoms listed by the NHS guidance that could relate to a COVID-19 infection) within the previous 21 days.
  2. You must NOT join in with any paddling trip if any member of your household has any of these symptoms currently (you should be in a quarantine period for 14 days).
  3. Sharing of clothes, equipment must be kept to an absolute minimum.
  4. Equipment that has to be shared must be cleaned down before and after use by the individual using that equipment.
  5. Physical / social distancing guidance applies at all times.
  6. Hand hygiene measures continue to be very important and hand sanitiser will need to be brought and used before and after each trip.

To assist us in the above, we would like to ask you to arrive wearing what you will paddle in, including your own windproof/cagoule/anorak (as changing rooms are out of use and all time indoors must be minimised). It will be fine to wear something that is windproof more than water proof whilst it is summer. For example a walking waterproof or shell jacket will be fine.

Please also bring the following items with you:

  1. Wet-wipes or (better for the environment) two wash rags/cloths and a bag to contain them in. You will need to use these to wipe down the equipment and put them in the bag to take home and wash at 60 degrees so they can be reused.
  2. Disinfectant spray, non-bleach variety. This is to be used for wiping down equipment.
  3. Hand sanitiser / alcohol hand gel for personal use.
  4. Dry bag with a change of clothes and space to keep your valuables.
  5. Lights for your kayak.
  6. Something warm to wear (layers work best) and something rainproof.
  7. A snack and some drinking water.

Please see the Calendar, Training & Trips page for the specific details of what you need to bring and the COVID-19 specific logistics for each paddling trip.

Club Risk Assessment, Club Operating Procedures and a Method Statement have also been updated & can be found on Club documents page.