• M6 of 2020
    Reporting Vessels - Permission to Proceed
  • M5 of 2020
    Upper Pool - Battle Bridge Buoy - Re-Instatement
  • M4 of 2020
    Nine Elms Reach - Victoria Rail Bridge - Isophase Lights
  • M1 of 2020
    Upper Pool - The Tower of London - 2020 Gun Salutes
  • M73 of 2019
    Lower Pool - Wapping Police Station - Preparatory Works

Club Documents

The following Club Documents are available for download: Key Documents & Guidance Notes

Key Documents

Guidance Notes

  • Club Code of Conduct – this document sets out how members of the Club are expected to conduct themselves – on and off the water.  The document has been devised using the BCU Code of Conduct template as its foundation.
  • Club Equality Policy – this document sets out the Club’s commitment to the principles of equality of opportunity as agreed by the general committee in February 2010.  The policy has been devised using the BCU Equality Policy as its foundation.
  • Summary Guidance for CKC Website Users – this document sets out some summary guidance for members using aspects of the website (e.g. blogs, calendar, CKC Forum, etc).
  • Back Fit Guide – the full CKC best practice guideline document on lifting and moving kayaks. Based on Canoe England and Health and Safetly Executive Standards, (see the references at the end of the guidelines for full details). Version 1, December 2011.
  • Quick Reference Backfit Guide – poster of the Quick Reference Backfit Guide. See the full guideline document above for all the details. Version 1, December 2011.
  • CKC Trip Planning Checklist & Process – suggested approach for organising a Club trip including what an organiser can do and what a confirmed trip leader(s) should do.  Version 1, March 2012.
  • CKC Guide to the Thames Rowing Zones – user friendly maps of where you need to be depending on tides and direction of travel when paddling in the tidal Thames rowing zones.  Version 1, June 2013.
  • CKC Personal & Safety Kit Advice – May 2014 – this note has been put together for people just starting out in their paddling and those people who are looking to lead or are willing to help out on trips. Version 1, May 2014.
  • CKC Thames Leader Development and Assessment Process – February 2017 – this note explains the requirements to be a CKC leader on the Thames and the assessment process entails. Version 2, February 2017.
  • Draft CKC Privacy Policy – March 2018 .

Committee Meetings Minutes of Committee meetings will appear here as and when they become available:

You may need to download Acrobat Reader to access some of the files see below: