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  • M19 of 2021
    Kings Reach - HQS Wellington - Relocation Operations.
  • M18 of 2021
    Limehouse Reach - Disused Millwall Dock Entrance - Boom Removal
  • M17 of 2021
    Woolwich Reach - Woolwich Ferry Piers - Fender Replacement Works
  • M16 of 2021
    Kings Reach - Cannon Street Rail Bridge - Arch Closures
  • M15 of 2021
    Wandsworth Reach - Wandsworth Bridge Scaffolding

Canoe & Kayak: Sea Kayaking Special

This month’s issue of Canoe & Kayak UK magazine is dedicated to sea kayaking, something close to the heart of all Chelsea Kayak Club members – and is jam packed to overflowing with features, trip suggestions and tips – so much so, there’s a 24 page mini-mag pull out.

What to expect inside the cover of the June isssue:

  • A review of the new Greenland-style Anglesey Stick sea kayak paddle
  • A look at P&H’s new Cetus HV sea kayak
  • An interview feature with Jeff Allen – expedition sea kayaker and the man behind Sea Kayaking Cornwall
  • As well as features about touring down the Suwannee river and sea paddling around Brittany

Whilst the dedicated supplement focuses on some smashing UK destinations including a two day circumnavigation of the Isle of White, heading out to Bardsey Island and sea kayaking to The Skerries.  The team at Canoe & Kayak have also gone all out on the website too, posting a few informative videos for sea kayakers to get hints and tips from the pros, check these out:

Heads up – there’s also going to be a a free sea kayaking DVD attached to the July issue (#124), so keep your eyes peeled for the next issue too, or get yourself a subscription so you don’t have to fret about it! There are a couple of nice subscription deals going on at the moment, including a free Coleman Stove & Lantern worth £45 for subscriptions before 6/7/11 quoting CKUK-JUNE11, as well as discounts for BCU and CKC members (check club emails for details).

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